Slot Volatility Explained

Slot Volatility

If you’re no stranger to iGambling, you’ve probably noticed that most slot-related how-to’s and reviews mostly focus on RTP that shows how much you can expect to win playing a certain pokie. But few articles touch upon another major factor – volatility. Moreover, some gambling websites skip volatility in slot info sections on purpose. However, it’s impossible to meet in such reputable gambling platforms as Woo Casino login and you’ll always find a detailed description for every slot. But first, let’s figure out what volatility is.

Volatility and Practice

In plain English, slot volatility is a sort of indicator that shows how risky a game is, that is, how much the return rate can deviate per one gaming session. It should be noted, though, that this indicator is quite conditional and not recognized by software providers or casinos.

In practice, this means that slots with high volatility pay out much less often, but the amount of the winnings is several times higher than the bets. Low volatility pokies return frequent wins, but the amounts are much smaller.

There are two ways to determine the level of volatility:

  • Personal experience. No worries, you won’t have to waste your bankroll to find out how volatile the slot is. Just have a few spins in the demo mode.
  • Study pay tables and technical specs, focusing on the multiplier. If it’s 10,000 or more, then you’re surely dealing with a high volatility slot.

You can also check out user reviews, live streams, or forums – there’s plenty of info on the Web.

High Volatility Slots

To play pokies with high volatility, you need a massive reserve of patience and funds, not to mention a game strategy. After all, you may not see any winnings for 200 spins and more. Make sure not to change the strategy – just keep on playing. Sooner or later you’ll hit a sweet combo.

You’re free to choose between hundreds of slots to any taste, from classic pokies to the latest releases. Patience is the key here, and it’ll be rewarded. The most popular high volatility slots are Book of Ra, Twin Spin, and Great Blue. And keep in mind that you’ll hardly gain much profit from them unless your bankroll is great and you have a lot of spare time.

Medium Volatility Slots

Titles with medium volatility are just what you expect – they’re right in the middle and can pay out a lot, and you most likely won’t have to wait for hours until you win something. This is a kind of compromise option. Such slots are loved by gamblers of different levels, from newbies to seasoned punters. It’s one of the most common categories of slots, and providers mainly focus on this segment. The most difficult thing is choosing which one to play.

Low Volatility Slots

These offer frequent wins but small amounts – a great option for newcomers, as well as players looking to double their deposits with no hustle or just have some good time.

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