Australian Gambling Establishments Attract Visitors

Australian Gambling Establishments

One of the most reputable investors, Iao Kun Group Holding Co, whose shares are listed on the American Nasdaq stock exchange, has left the Chinese gambling zone. The completion of the transaction is expected in mid-May this year. After all, formalities are observed, the operator will be able to offer junket tours to the Melbourne and Crown Perth casinos to their clients. 

Australian gambling establishments will be able to lure the richest high rollers in Asia through various perks, such as free room, travel and food. Lam Man Pou, Chairman of the Board of Iao Kun Group Holding Co., told reporters:

“We are delighted to take this first step towards expanding our geography and expanding our presence in the international arena. It will allow us to diversify our revenue streams.” 

The actions of his company are logical and understandable. After several months of a drop in revenue in Macau, caused by the low interest of high rollers in this gambling zone, the operator decided to offer Australia to its regular customers. The premium segment of the gambling market in this country has been growing over the past years.

The results of analytical studies show that the majority of Australian gamblers prefer to play in online casinos. Moreover, PlayAmo casino app is currently popular among punters of all ages. Next on the list are slot machines located outside of specialized gambling establishments. There are hundreds of pubs in Australia with slot machines. In total, there are several thousand slot machines of various models at the service of users.

What About Other Countries?

But no matter what research and polls were carried out, Germany has always remained the country where people are least of all subject to excitement. This is not surprising, since everyone knows that Germans are very reasonable and practical personalities. The following facts prove it:

  • Before investing their earned money in something, they will think through everything to the smallest detail, scrolling through the possible options and outcomes in their heads. 
  • As a rule, Germans are not guided by chance and luck, the main thing for them is a sound mind. That is why any gambling does not attract so much of their attention but on the contrary even alarms. 
  • However, all people love to have fun and the people of Germany are no exception. Thus, about 50% of Germans who were interviewed said that they had been to gambling establishments at least once in their life. 
  • But it can be seen that by visiting them, they practically did not leave lost money there or stopped on time. Gambling establishments in Germany are visited mainly by tourists.

Virtual gambling only continues to develop, and quite rapidly. The demand for such services is only growing, which means that the number of online casinos will continue to grow in different countries. 

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